Welcome to Coyotes Revenge Ranch

…home to a small family-owned herd of royal yaks…

the herd

We take pride in providing our small herd of happy yaks with fresh green grass 365 days of the year. They drink from a clean running creek and have big, old cottonwood trees for shade. Their pasture is far off any road and is very tranquil. Our yaks receive no hormones or antibiotics or any artificial substances. They are free of diseases that plague cattle.

obi juan the bull

Yak meat is one of the leanest meats available for consumption. Yak fat is not marbled throughout the meat, therefore the meat is very very lean . It is easy to over cook yak meat because it is so lean. Yak meat should be eaten rare and is safe because it does not have any of the questionable problems beef / cow meat contain…

obi juan up close!

Our lovely bull OBI JUAN is mellow and, though huge, is kind and loves horse treats…

grooming time

We sell our yak meat at our ranch in Ridgway, Colorado , 745 South Amelia St., and a few restaurants and health food stores in the area. We do not ship our meat. You may contact us at 970-209-1626 or 970-318-6699.

teton & thor

We also offer a few yaks for sale. If a yak is acquired early in its life, he/she can become very friendly and make a great pet!!!

gentle baby yak

More to come!

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